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2012 Annual Report for Developmental Enterprises Corporation

As the largest provider of services for Adults with Developmental Disabilities in Montgomery County Pennsylvania, DEC needs to stay in touch with their large community.

DEC’s Annual Report serves as one of their strongest methods to engage with their constituents in the Philadelphia Region. A new theme each year ties together messaging & inspires people to read it. The feedback is consistently that people look forward to this report and enjoy reading it from cover to cover.

The report highlights their funding as required, but more importantly it illustrates the incredible work DEC accomplishes each year. It explains some of the current programs at DEC and highlights stories about the numerous ways DEC has helped so many people. It also serves as an opportunity to thank their staff, donors and other supporters. It is a solid reminder to their audiences, that DEC thrives because of their continued support.

2013 Annual Report for Developmental Enterprises Corporation

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