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Affinity Services

Identity - Marketing - Website

Branding & Marketing for Affinity Services

As a brand-new division of its parent company, Affinity needed to raise awareness of its services and emphasize its strength in helping people with disabilities integrate into society. They needed to distinguish themselves from other organizations doing similar work. We developed a few key messages along with an identity system that is presented consistently in a variety of situations. These helped Affinity exhibit their inclusive, holistic and individualized approach to service.

Affinity is now a company recognized as distinct from its parent, progressive in offering new techniques and valuable services to clients and their families.

Brochure design for Affinity Services


Canadian Association of Direct Support Professionals

Identity - Marketing - Website

Branding & Marketing for the Canadian Association of Direct Support Professionals

Canadian Association of Direct Support Professional (CADSP)- was founded to serve as a national resource for Direct Support Professionals in Canada.  They envisioned an Association to enhance the status of DSP’s by offering educational opportunities, providing ongoing resources and implementing a national credentialing process.

CADSP needed an identity and website that would project the desired image and encourage participation among professionals to grow this new association.  The website was built with online membership signup, a private members area,

Along with this we developed the materials for a launch campaign—postcards, ecards, online & offline ads

Web and mobile sites for the Canadian Association of Direct Support Professionals


Advanced Rehabilitation & Community Services

Marketing - Website

Marketing materials for Advanced Rehabilitation & Community Services

ARCS had a perception problem: though they had been in business for 12 years, they looked as if they were a homegrown, brand new start up. They were missing out on being recognized as a leader in their area. They had a logo designed, but that was it. Their materials were all created on the fly, by various people at different times with no plan or guidelines in place. This resulted in a very disconnected and inexperienced appearance.

ARCS wanted to people to get a more accurate impression of their organization—that they were professional, with talented staff, specific resources and effective program offerings.

We put together a plan to build out the most important materials first and create guidelines for any future materials. We designed some pieces for double duty: for example the DVD and brochure could be used together as a set, or independently depending on who they were talking with. This provided versatility and saved money.

We built a new website that was consistent with the rest of the materials, search engine optimized, and organized in a way that helped people quickly get the sense that ARCS was a long-standing, highly credible and trusted organization. This conveyed who ARCS was and the impact they were (and had been) making.

Screenshot of website for Advanced Rehabilitation & Community Services


Developmental Enterprises Corporation

Annual Report

2012 Annual Report for Developmental Enterprises Corporation

As the largest provider of services for Adults with Developmental Disabilities in Montgomery County Pennsylvania, DEC needs to stay in touch with their large community.

DEC’s Annual Report serves as one of their strongest methods to engage with their constituents in the Philadelphia Region. A new theme each year ties together messaging & inspires people to read it. The feedback is consistently that people look forward to this report and enjoy reading it from cover to cover.

The report highlights their funding as required, but more importantly it illustrates the incredible work DEC accomplishes each year. It explains some of the current programs at DEC and highlights stories about the numerous ways DEC has helped so many people. It also serves as an opportunity to thank their staff, donors and other supporters. It is a solid reminder to their audiences, that DEC thrives because of their continued support.

2013 Annual Report for Developmental Enterprises Corporation