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ARCS had a perception problem: though they had been in business for 12 years, they looked as if they were a homegrown, small organization. They were missing an opportunity to be recognized as a leader in their area. They had a logo designed, but their materials were all created on the fly, by various people at different times with no plan or guidelines in place. This resulted in a very disconnected and amateur appearance.

ARCS wanted to people to get a more accurate impression of their organization—that they were professional, with talented staff, specific resources and effective program offerings.

We put together a plan to build out the most important materials first and create guidelines for any future materials. We designed some pieces for double duty: the DVD and brochure worked together as a set, or could be handed out independently. This provided versatility and saved money.

We built a new website that was consistent with the rest of the materials, search engine optimized, and user friendly. This helped people quickly get the sense that ARCS was a long-standing, highly credible and trusted organization.

Our Solutions:

  • Communications Survey
  • Marketing Plan
  • Marketing Materials
  • Website
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