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We begin every client engagement with a strategy and planning process to define your specific goals and how we can help you reach them. With a well-defined strategy we can start to build the tools and tactics you need to implement it. This strategy acts as a guidepost for all decisions and creative work moving forward.

Here are some of the ways we help organizations:

Website Accessibility

We help organizations make their websites work for everyone, regardless of ability or technology. Some organizations want an accessible website to avoid a potential lawsuit and some believe it’s the right thing to do and want their sites to be more inclusive for all. Learn more about our Website Accessibility Services.

Communications Assessment

This is a step-by-step evaluation of your current communications, both internal and external. The purpose is to identify strengths and weaknesses in order to focus on areas with the highest potential impact. We find out what is truly working well, what isn’t working and what could be better with a few adjustments. We also look at these materials through the lens of accessibility. We determine if there are changes that could make your materials more accessible. This may include adjustments to existing materials or a supplemental format.

Marketing Plan

The key to marketing is to work from a plan. First the strategy: we will set objectives and goals. What issues are most important to your organization right now? Then the tactics: we will outline specific actions for the year. We help you develop the right messages for your varied audiences and determine the best ways to reach them. By figuring out where you want to go we can then create the road map that will get you there.

Brand Development

Our established process takes members of your team through 2 half-day workshops. Through individual and group exercises and open discussions we uncover the 5 essential elements that are the building blocks of a strong brand. These must be aligned with your mission, values and strategic plan. The end result gives you an objective assessment of your brand, a distinct and relevant identity and the tools you need to put your brand into action.

Reputation Surveys

Through a series of fixed response and open-ended questions, we gather insight and input from a variety of audiences to give a 360 degree view of what people really think about your organization. It is extremely valuable to have impartial feedback from a range of people who interact with your organization on different levels. This immediately reveals where perceptions are aligned and working well (inside and outside the organization) as well as any gaps in what the organization thinks is happening and what people are actually experiencing, so you can correct them.

Creative Services Include

  • Website Design & Development
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Key Communication Messages
  • Custom Content
  • Accessible Documents
  • Email Marketing
  • Newsletters
  • Donor Communications
  • Annual Reports
  • Event & Fundraising Materials
  • Templates for in-house production
  • Special Projects
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