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Our team includes accessibility experts with years of testing experience including people that have a lifetime of living with a disability.

Snapshot Assessment

This will get you a little more familiar with accessibility and you’ll see which criteria are failing and which are passing. The Snapshot is a brief review of your site using digital testing tools. The output from the Snapshot is a pass/fail grade against the 55 WCAG 2.1 AA Guidelines and an estimate to run a full evaluation on your site. Timeline: 2 weeks. Cost $500.

Full Evaluation

We’ve developed a process that uses a combination of specialized tools and manual testing methods. We inspect the HTML markup of the site, Structure, Content, Visual Appearance, Images & Multimedia, Forms, & Documents.
The size, age, level of complexity, CMS system, and your goals will determine the cost and time it takes to perform a full evaluation. The results of our Full Accessibility Evaluation are compiled in an easy-to-read document. It includes a written explanation of each of the errors we found, screen shots when helpful, location where the errors occur, which guidelines they fail, and a recommendation on how to fix or improve the error. We also give you an estimate on cost and timeline for repairing the site and bringing it into compliance. Timeline: 3-6 weeks. Cost: based on complexity of site, typically ranges between $2-6k.


The amount and severity of errors that exist will determine the cost of bringing your site into ADA compliance. Based on the findings from our Full Evaluation, our repairs include:

  • Fixing all errors
  • Documentation of work
  • Final re-test
  • Custom checklist for maintaining accessibility
  • An Accessibility Statement to put on your website
  • A free 6 month Snapshot

Document Repair

If you have any web forms to fill out or materials available for download on your site, these need to be accessible. This includes things like Contact forms, PDF’s, Word documents.

Captions & Transcripts

If you have video on your website, it needs to be captioned. This requires more than turning on the “auto caption” box in YouTube.

Transcripts provide a second alternative which is required by accessibility guidelines. This allows web visitors to choose the format they prefer to use.

Periodic Checkups

Accessibility is not a one and done thing. There are a number of variables (people, content, code updates) that can and do break accessibility. We recommend a yearly Snapshot unless you go through a major redesign or overhaul to the site. If the Snapshot is clean, we’ll give you an updated Accessibility Statement. If the Snapshot reveals errors, we determine the next steps together based on the extent of the errors.

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